Long running NZ TV kids show “What Now” built a massive new set over the summer break, to make a big impact for the 2015 season. It is a 5metre high, multi-storeyed black cage.

I was commissioned to run pixel LEDs up the struts of the set, and also to create a 1metre circular pixel screen displaying the What Now logo and other animations.

What Now wanted pixel LEDs so that they could programme dynamic patterns and different lighting looks between and within each show.

Above What Now footage shows the colour-changing struts of the set

I researched the appropriate product, made the aluminium struts and structures to attach to the set, assembled and soldered the lights, got them electrically signed off, and attached them on site. I also programmed a starter kit of 20 programmes for the crew to work with, and trained them to create their own.

It’s awesome to have my name in the credits of a national tv show!

What Now credits