This luxury spa bathroom glows with light, colour and spaciousness. This was a total re-design of a pre-existing bathroom footprint, where I shaped every element of the space and lighting, and also designed and made the bathroom cabinetry.

Daylight floods in through the skylight. The white LED strip lighting on the large corner mirror adds light and glamour.

Colour-changing strip LEDs are built into the bath surround. The bather uses a remote control to choose their colour mood and set whether and how this changes… disco-pace, or slow fade?

The feature wall is colour-changing metallic paint, so shimmers and changes as you move through the room. It also adds reflectivity at night.

The bespoke clear acrylic water spout is a main white light feature on its own, or can be switched to the colour-changing options for when you’re in your luxury soak.