Roots Restaurant
Roots Restaurant

Roots is an exclusive and award-winning degustation restaurant in Lyttelton. There is a charming private courtyard which is open for outdoor dining, surrounded by the amazing garden that the kitchen harvests. Over summer 2013, Roots wanted to add garden lighting to make that space even more attractive to guests.

I created and “planted” the six feature Koru lights. These are 600mm tall acrylic, illuminated with green LED. Cunningly, the installation height can be changed as the real ferns they are planted amongst die down over winter.



I also illuminated other key areas for Roots:

  • used blue spotlights to highlight the blue mosaic taniwha on the far wall
  • angled white spotlights to accent key trees and dining table areas
  • added warm white strip lights to the crucial covered walkway from restaurant to toilet