Spa bathroom

Spa bathroom room design and lighting

This luxury spa bathroom glows with light, colour and spaciousness. This was a total re-design of a pre-existing bathroom footprint, where I shaped every element of the space and lighting, and also designed and made the bathroom cabinetry.
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Diploma of Interior Design: Renders

stew-pit-internal-renderOne of the highlights of completing the two-year Diploma of Interior Design at the Design & Arts (D&A) College was realising how much I love 3D modelling and rendering. It comes naturally to me to think and design in 3D. I also love the challenge of creating the materials in the model so that they render as naturalistically as possible.
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Driftwood light

4.jpgThis was one of my first creations in NZ, sourced from a local beach for our new home. The driftwood has white, red and blue LEDs set into it, and warm white 32W fluorescent circles surrounding it.
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What Now TV set

what-now-tv2-tiggadesign-google-chromeLong running NZ TV kids show “What Now” built a massive new set over the summer break, to make a big impact for the 2015 season. It is a 5 metre high, multi-storeyed black cage. I was commissioned to run pixel LEDs up the struts of the set and create a 1 metre circular pixel screen displaying the What Now logo and other animations.
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Ensuite design

ensuiteentranceview.jpgI designed this room to replace a double fireplace and chimney space, using inset LEDs, floor length mirrors and skylight enhance the spacious feel.
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