GapFiller Scaffold Pavilion Oct 2012

I set up the solar panel and power and installed my LEDs into this experimental urban installation.

Nicknamed “Scaf-pav”, the structure uses interim materials – scaffolding and building wrap – but is tougher than it looks. It creates a space for anyone who passes by and wants to play.

Poised on the edge of the central city red zone, the materials and the attitude are all very Christchurch these days!

Worked with GapFiller, Unitec School of Architecture and Sustainable Habitat Challenge (SHAC). This structure was part of FESTA, the Festival of Transitional Architecture.

GapFiller temporary cinema March 2012

GapFiller creates temporary “pop-up” crazy and beautiful events, filling the demolished gaps in Christchurch’s post-quake landscape. I joined them for the “Playtime” project, an outdoor cinema without walls or roof. With the only structures being marked out by rebar, my strip lighting was the main way to define the space. The red symbol is from the Jacques Tati film which inspired the project.